Commentary: Navy CO Reassigned Due to Sexual Harassment

A few weeks ago I saw an Article in the Navy Times about a Commanding Officer of a destroyer who had been relieved of his command due to sexual harassment allegations. I don’t typically buy the Navy Times, as it sometimes gets pretty sensationalist, but my curiosity was piqued so I bought a copy.

After I had read it I just shook my head and tossed it, only just recently realizing how it would perfect subject matter for a post. The electronic version of this article on the website is for subscribers only, but the Washington Post released their own article about it.

So let’s discuss. This Commander, Mr. Derick Armstrong, has many allegations against him. Some of the quotes from the article:

Another crew member reported that during a port visit, Armstrong said “One of you ladies has to come out with me tonight; I have to corrupt one of you.”

The report says one female crewmember said Armstrong said: “Now that I’m taking over soon, what are my chances?”


Bad Skipper, Bad!

Wooo-eeee, I honestly can’t understand this man’s behavior. And it really says something about the service when instances like this happen. A skipper, the CO of a destroyer, was actively pursuing the females onboard his ship. This man is overall in charge of anywhere from 200-400 people was throwing comments like that around, giving a great impression of leadership. Junior enlisted are going to see this guy, the head honcho, acting like this and think that it’s ok to emulate. Thank goodness this CO got removed from the ship, but it’s scary that it ever got there. It means that somewhere in this Commander’s mind he thought this was appropriate behavior for a leader.

Of course not that it’s appropriate for anyone, but that a person who had gotten as far as Commander to act that way is chilling. What are they teaching in Officer School? How many things, over how many years, did he get away with?

The article mentions that he was reassigned somewhere else which begs the question: Why is this man still in the service?


About feministsailor

Lots of shitty sexist things happen to me in the Navy! So I’d like to tell you about it. Also, I curse like a Sailor. Sorry if that offends you.
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