Snip: Summerville Short Transcript

Here is a short transcript I got from Summerville a few days after the previous interview:

Feminist Sailor: Start over from the beginning, what happened?

Summerville: Which part? They were telling stories to each other about a girl that got raped and this guy, what is he, a Specialist? Said that she deserved it because she shouldn’t have gone to the hotel with the guy… girls know what to expect if they go to a hotel with a guy… it was her fault.

FS: And after you told him off, after you ripped into him, what’d he say afterwards?

SV: He said that he would tell his wife and his daughter the same thing, that if they went to the hotel that she deserved it

FS: Because you asked him… “You have a wife and a daughter, and if this happened to them that’s what’d you tell them?”

SV: Yep.

FS: And that’s what he said?

SV: Yep.

FS: Oh boyyyy.

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For clarification, we sometimes work close to army personnel, and recently in our command a young Navy girl had gone to a hotel with a fellow sailor and gotten raped. The above transcript happened after Summerville heard a group of soldiers and sailors discussing it, and she heard the SPC’s outrageous claims.

It’s this thought process that is causing so many of the rapes to be shushed and hidden, put aside and derided. She should have known better, what else happens in a hotel, amirite?


About feministsailor

Lots of shitty sexist things happen to me in the Navy! So I’d like to tell you about it. Also, I curse like a Sailor. Sorry if that offends you.
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8 Responses to Snip: Summerville Short Transcript

  1. MR Graham says:

    Yep, blame the victim. It keeps them quiet, keeps the statistics down, keeps awareness down, makes future rape easier.
    And of course there’s the “Men can’t get raped” maxim. I wonder what that guy would have been saying if he’d been the one pushed down and violated by another man. Still the victim’s fault? ‘Cause I mean, rape is just what happens in a hotel.

    • I still can’t wrap my mind around his comments, and before him the blame the victim stance had only been something I had seen online, not so close to home. It’s very disturbing, especially when you realize it’s happening everywhere :/

  2. Missy M. says:

    Ooh, this makes me so angry. Ill keep this short, because I’m working on a rather ranty post about victim blaming myself right now, but I hate this shit. I can think of hundreds of reasons to go to someone’s hotel room that don’t involve sex in any way. And even if a woman does go to a hotel room for the express purpose of sex, she is allowed to call a halt to activities at any time. A hotel does not equal consent any more than a short skirt or an alcoholic drink.

    • The scary realization is that so many dudes don’t think this way, and don’t even think it’s rape because
      in some weird warped way they think her just walking into a bedroom with them is consent @_@

      • Missy M. says:

        (I’m gonna generalize a little bit here….apologies if this comes across wrong, I’m having trouble organizing my thoughts exactly right.)
        I think a lot of dudes like that think of EVERY interaction with a woman they find attractive in terms of sex. Like, they’re looking to score so they read everything the woman does or says through some kind of “positive signals for sex” filter, and they cant seem to wrap their minds around the fact that she might not be thinking about sex AT ALL. And I don’t get it.

    • MR Graham says:

      Well, you know, it’s just like how if you’re in a WalMart parking lot at night or live near the Border, you’ve already consented to be mugged and murdered. Or if you have kids, you’ve given permission for someone to abuse them. /snark
      I’ll be checking out your ranty post. I like ranty posts.

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