Military Training Instructor Receives 20-year Sentence

This News Article sort of flew under my radar.

I have mentioned before I am in a training status. I remember sometime back in July we had a counseling session because a military instructor was found guilty of rape and sexual assault. My training command works near Army and Air Force Installations, and sometimes we intermingle so it was brought up even though the offender was Air Force. They just glossed over the actual incident, and just reiterated that we, as students, need to be on the alert in cases like this.

Staff Sgt. Luis Walker, the alleged rapist.

Now this is my second time through a training command. The first time was engineering school in Great Lakes, Illinois. I don’t recall anything really shady going on there, but this time, my second time through an “A” School there were so many politics and power struggles that it practically drove me insane. Senior leading LPOs had their heads stuck in the clouds and thought they were god, but besides a swaggering PO1 who thought he actually was god’s gift to woman, there was nothing, nothing like this.

This man possibly sexually assaulted/raped 10 junior airmen. As the article says, a lot of the victims state they had a hard time adjusting to their male coworkers and seniors because of the incident. Bad enough that this man ruined these females lives, he also damaged the mission. These females cannot ever truly trust their coworkers. 4 out of 5 new Air Force recruits are males. Imagine being a war zone and not being able to trust the majority of your teammates. All because of one asshole who abused his position of power.

The article has him judged from October 2010 to January 2011. Ten females came forward in three months span. This guy has probably been in (judging from his ribbons and rank) more than four years. As Summerville said in a previous posting:

“[if he] was so brave to do that in the light… then what was he doing in the dark?”

If this man who has been in for so long was only just investigated a year ago, for 10 cases, in three months… what had he been getting away with? How many females were too scared to come forward? Who else knew? In this case, the perpetrator was finally caught and convicted. But as we know, the majority of assaults go unreported. How many more ‘Luis Walkers’ are still out there?


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Lots of shitty sexist things happen to me in the Navy! So I’d like to tell you about it. Also, I curse like a Sailor. Sorry if that offends you.
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