Hair Snip #2

Ok ok, I know I mentioned last time that I was going to stop responding to people reacting to my hair/uniform and automatically assuming I am a man. I said I was going to stop correcting them….

But it happened again today.

I was helping out old civilian male today, prior enlisted. We had a whole conversation, and while I may look male at a glance, my voice is not male sounding. So when he said “Thank you Sir” as he walked away, I once again said “M’aam” without thinking. I don’t know if he caught it, I turned away as I said it.

But there is a shining angel in all of this. Another civlian, female, caught it. She looked at me disbelievingly.

“Did he just…” she trailed.

“Yep. Happens all the time. They see the short hair and uniform, and they just assume.”

“Girl, that guy is fucking nuts” she exclaimed.

I felt really validated. I’ve been working closely with OSSN Twilight who’ve I’ve mentioned here and here before, and when it happened he was straining to repress a smile.

So at the top of my page you will now see this image:

As it increases, you will know that another incident happened. I’ll document them, and when there is a substantial amount I will make a post describing them.

Oy vey.

edit: Yep, It’s already increased since I scheduled this post. Oops!


About feministsailor

Lots of shitty sexist things happen to me in the Navy! So I’d like to tell you about it. Also, I curse like a Sailor. Sorry if that offends you.
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