All my medical benefits are covered except WHAT?


Ok. I did not know about this. My entire life (my father was also military) I have been under military benefits, so all my healthcare has been free. I’ll admit, I’ve never really thought about much. I mean, I bust my ass for the military, so when I literally have busted my ass or gotten sick, the military has fixed it.

I had no idea that abortion due to assault/rape was not covered under this. What the hell Military? WHAT THE HELL?

Look at the poor Army Sergeant in the article, she had to navigate all that red tape and raise money for an abortion for her rapist’s unwanted child. I am disgusted. Women all over the armed forces give their all for this country, and with the high rape/assault count as it is they won’t be covered for an abortion!

“If the federal government can provide this exception to assaulted women who are not in uniform, we can and should also ensure that the brave servicewomen who are victimized during their military service receive all the medical care that they need.”

I urge each and everyone of you to send a message to your senator hereor here.

The amendment is called the “Shaheen Amendment” and was included in the proposed mark-up of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2013. There’s still time to throw your voice in so please do so!

Perhaps they’re going under reported because of HOW WE TREAT THEM AFTER IT HAPPENS?                          Data from here


About feministsailor

Lots of shitty sexist things happen to me in the Navy! So I’d like to tell you about it. Also, I curse like a Sailor. Sorry if that offends you.
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12 Responses to All my medical benefits are covered except WHAT?

  1. canbebitter says:

    WHOA is right. WHAT THE FUCK.

  2. Melanie says:

    Unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable. And, why are there so many categories in that chart?

  3. Melanie says:

    So…I clicked your links to support servicewomen (thank you for including them), and I looked around at both (signed ’em), and I really wanted to share with you who I get to send a letter to…it’s yummy because I know this is the LAST thing he wants in his inbox…Todd Akin. Yup. That asshole is my representative (for now), and he is included in the list with Stand With Servicewomen. Sweet! He needs this kind of letter, as if he’s actually reading them, but still…

  4. Dude. Sweet graphic. I want to see the pie chart for restricted cases.

    • There isn’t one because it’s restricted, so details of the cases can’t be shared.

      • Is it restricted to everyone, or just to anyone who’s not directly involved in reviewing the case?

        • “Benefits of Restricted Reporting:

          Victim receives appropriate medical treatment, advocacy and counseling.
          Provides victim with time to consider options and to begin the healing process.
          Empowers victim to seek relevant information and support, and to make more informed decisions about participating in a criminal investigation.
          Victim controls the release and management of his/her personal information.
          Victim decides whether and when to move forward with initiating an investigation.”

          “Limitations of Restricted Reporting:

          Perpetrator may remain unpunished and at large.
          Victim cannot receive a Military Protective Order (MPO) or be reassigned for safety.
          Perpetrator may continue to have contact with the victim.
          Evidence from the crime scene may be lost.
          Victims are limited to a few specified individuals with whom they can discuss the sexual assault.”

          Basically, when it’s restricted you only tell someone like a medical provider or chaplain, and they can’t tell anyone else. You get all the help required, but you can’t follow up with a report against the perpetrator.

          Unrestricted you get all the medical attention required, but everyone knows your business and you can file against the perpetrator.

          Restricted exists because without it a lot of women wouldn’t attempt to get help because of the fear that everyone would find out.

          Read more about it here:

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