Pentagon orders new steps to prevent sexual assault in the ranks

Guys! Hey! Something is happening!

Some of the steps to be reviewed are:

• Elevating disposition authority for the most serious sexual assault offenses;
• Working with Congress to establish “special victims unit” capabilities in each of the services so specially trained investigators and prosecutors can assist when necessary;
• Implementing an integrated data system called the Defense Sexual Assault Incident Database for tracking sexual assault reports and managing cases while protecting victim confidentiality;
• Establishing a new policy giving service members who report a sexual assault an option to quickly transfer from their unit or installation as a way to protect them from possible harassment and to remove them from proximity to the alleged perpetrator;
• Establishing a credentialing and certification program aligned with national standards to enhance the quality of support from sexual assault victims’ advocates;
• Issuing a new policy requiring the retention of sexual assault records for 50 years; and
• Enhancing training for investigators and attorneys in evidence collection, interviewing and interacting with sexual assault survivors.

I mean, it’s sad that things had to happen like this for the ball to start rolling buy hey, baby steps, baby steps.


About feministsailor

Lots of shitty sexist things happen to me in the Navy! So I’d like to tell you about it. Also, I curse like a Sailor. Sorry if that offends you.
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One Response to Pentagon orders new steps to prevent sexual assault in the ranks

  1. Baby steps indeed! This is my happy thought for the day!

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