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Pentagon orders new steps to prevent sexual assault in the ranks

Guys! Hey! Something is happening! Some of the steps to be reviewed are: • Elevating disposition authority for the most serious sexual assault offenses; • Working with Congress to establish “special victims unit” capabilities in each of the services so … Continue reading

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All my medical benefits are covered except WHAT?

WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA. Ok. I did not know about this. My entire life (my father was also military) I have been under military benefits, so all my healthcare has been free. I’ll admit, I’ve never really thought about much. … Continue reading

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Old news is still news!

Sorry all, I’m running a little heavy at work lately so I’m going to have to toss y’all a snippet. A little over a year ago a news article came out about how people reacted to the Navy facebook page … Continue reading

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Submarine Commander Fakes Own Death To End Affair.

Read about it here! From the Article: “A Navy officer has been relieved of his duties as commander of a submarine following the discovery that he faked his own death in order to end an extramarital affair.” “Ward was dismissed … Continue reading

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Hair Snip

So I’ve decided to give “Hair” it’s own category as I’ll be in the military for the foreseeable future, and barring any new regulations my hair will stay just as short. Recently at work, OSSN Twilight and myself were lugging around some … Continue reading

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Snip: Summerville Short Transcript

Here is a short transcript I got from Summerville a few days after the previous interview: Feminist Sailor: Start over from the beginning, what happened? Summerville: Which part? They were telling stories to each other about a girl that got … Continue reading

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Snip: Pass the sauce, waitasecond….

Happy Labor Day everyone! Did you know that Labor Day celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers? Yeah, neither did I. Thanks Wikipedia! In honor of my contributions to the USA, I’ll leave you all with a snippet today. … Continue reading

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