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There’s a lot to their past

Snip: Summerville Short Transcript

Here is a short transcript I got from Summerville a few days after the previous interview: Feminist Sailor: Start over from the beginning, what happened? Summerville: Which part? They were telling stories to each other about a girl that got … Continue reading

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Theirstory: Summerville Addendum

Please view the original post here. As an addendum, I asked Summerville some follow up questions after I had transcribed the audio. There had been another sailor in the room with her when the event happened between her and the … Continue reading

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Theirstory: Summerville and Cloudy Skies

Disclaimer: Names, rates and ranks have been changed. I have a good friend/coworker, Summerville. A while ago she had told me this outrageous story of sexual harassment that occurred to her shortly after arriving at her first command. Summerville was … Continue reading

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