I realize that not everyone will understand Navy lingo. Here is a list of some words I’ve used in posts that you may not understand. If you don’t see something here just ask and I’ll add it.

  • ‘A’ School: Upon completion of Basic Training depending on your rate you may go to an ‘A’ School which teaches you the basics of your rate.
  • ‘C’ School: Further schooling to either educate your more in your rate or for specialty rating inside the rate.
  • CCS: Central Control Station. Where the engineers control most of the plant.
  • Booter: A person recently out of Basic Training.
  • DADT:  “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. Policy about homosexuals in the military. Repealed September 20, 2011.
  • ESWS: Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist. Typically referring to the pin one receives after completing the tests/boards required to obtain the pin.
  • Fleet Returnee: A person who has been out to the Fleet.
  • Fleetee: typically used in a school environment when differentiating between booters and fleet returnees.
  • Rate: Basically this is the job you do inside the Navy. Such a CS is Culinary Specialist (cook), a GSM is a Gas Systems Turbine Technician, an EM is an Electricians Mate, etc.
  • Topsider: The term engineers on my ship used for anyone that was not an Engineer. Engineers worked below the main deck typically, so everyone else was a ‘topsider’.

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