Engineering: My leadership? (1 of 3)

Disclaimer: Rates and names have been changed. The rank of the one named “Fitzgerald” is maintained as it pertains to my reporting.

There’s a lead up to this post before I get to the meat and potatoes.

Some time ago I received a friend request on Facebook from a woman on our ship. She was a topsider who was universally known to be cheating on her husband with one of our first class Engineers, GSE1 Fitzgerald. GSE1 was also married (to someone else).

Their relationship was well known all over the ship. They’re were always together during port visits, and on my last deployment she spent most of her free time in CCS when Fitzgerald was on watch, ostensibly to learn the engineering portion of her ESWS.

It took me one month of study to get my ESWS. And that was without spending hours in one place to learn a portion of it. She did not need 7 months to learn the Engineering part… yet you could always find her in CCS, sitting near GSE1 giggling and telling the lower ranking Engineers to get back to work. But I digress.

She was well aware that I hated Fitzgerald, and disliked her very much for cheating on her spouse. So when I received that friend request I snorted and immediately hit the ‘Not now’ button. If there was a ‘Never’ key, that would have been my choice but eh, facebook.

I forgot all about it.

Fast forward some months, and I now have a new friend request.

From Fitzgerald.

My mouth fell open. I am amazed this dude would ever think I would want to talk to him, be associated with him, accept something even as trivial as a friend request on Facebook from him. The memories all came back, and I was reminded allllll about Petty Officer Scumbag Fitzgerald.

Look back tomorrow for more.


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Pentagon orders new steps to prevent sexual assault in the ranks

Guys! Hey! Something is happening!

Some of the steps to be reviewed are:

• Elevating disposition authority for the most serious sexual assault offenses;
• Working with Congress to establish “special victims unit” capabilities in each of the services so specially trained investigators and prosecutors can assist when necessary;
• Implementing an integrated data system called the Defense Sexual Assault Incident Database for tracking sexual assault reports and managing cases while protecting victim confidentiality;
• Establishing a new policy giving service members who report a sexual assault an option to quickly transfer from their unit or installation as a way to protect them from possible harassment and to remove them from proximity to the alleged perpetrator;
• Establishing a credentialing and certification program aligned with national standards to enhance the quality of support from sexual assault victims’ advocates;
• Issuing a new policy requiring the retention of sexual assault records for 50 years; and
• Enhancing training for investigators and attorneys in evidence collection, interviewing and interacting with sexual assault survivors.

I mean, it’s sad that things had to happen like this for the ball to start rolling buy hey, baby steps, baby steps.

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All my medical benefits are covered except WHAT?


Ok. I did not know about this. My entire life (my father was also military) I have been under military benefits, so all my healthcare has been free. I’ll admit, I’ve never really thought about much. I mean, I bust my ass for the military, so when I literally have busted my ass or gotten sick, the military has fixed it.

I had no idea that abortion due to assault/rape was not covered under this. What the hell Military? WHAT THE HELL?

Look at the poor Army Sergeant in the article, she had to navigate all that red tape and raise money for an abortion for her rapist’s unwanted child. I am disgusted. Women all over the armed forces give their all for this country, and with the high rape/assault count as it is they won’t be covered for an abortion!

“If the federal government can provide this exception to assaulted women who are not in uniform, we can and should also ensure that the brave servicewomen who are victimized during their military service receive all the medical care that they need.”

I urge each and everyone of you to send a message to your senator hereor here.

The amendment is called the “Shaheen Amendment” and was included in the proposed mark-up of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2013. There’s still time to throw your voice in so please do so!

Perhaps they’re going under reported because of HOW WE TREAT THEM AFTER IT HAPPENS?                          Data from here

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Old news is still news!

Sorry all, I’m running a little heavy at work lately so I’m going to have to toss y’all a snippet. A little over a year ago a news article came out about how people reacted to the Navy facebook page reposting this image from TumblinFeminist:

Simple Truth

You can see all the initial reactions here.

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New Body Armor for Females; why did this take so long?

One thing I’ve noticed throughout my life is that when a woman is portrayed in a video game, movie, or TV show as a ass kicking, name taking, no nonsense GRRL POWER heroine… is the way she is attired.

My absolute hero when I was a little girl was XENA:™ WARRIOR PRINCESS®®®

Oh be still, my prepubescent beating heart! *swoon*

She was everything I wanted to be when I grew up. A powerful warrior woman who constantly subdued bad guys and gods. Even though I didn’t yet have an inkling about my sexaulity at this time, I was hard core girl crushing all over Xena. I’d imagine I was her side kick instead of Gabrielle. I remember that I never once had an issue with Xena’s costume. Perhaps I assumed the lack thereof allowed her for better freedom during fights. Or perhaps I was just fawning over her, like most others (boys and girls) of my age.

In any case, I would watch her show with religious like zeal. I’d burst into the living room, and if anyone so much as dared have the screen on to something else I’d uncermoniously whine my little butt off until she graced the screen.

I had forgotten all about her until roughly two years ago. I was about to go on deployment, and I decided to download some shows to get me through the next 7 months. On my list was Heroes, The X-Files, and I decided to revist Xena as well.

On this viewing as an adult, I had more than one eyebrow raised throughout most of my viewings. First off, when I was kid I did not catch any of the undertones between Gabrielle and Xena. This was of course a pleasant and giddy surprise as I watched a scene where Jockster (the mighty) looks at Gabrielle’s neck and says “Is that a hickey?” and in the brief moment before scene change Xena looks sharply away with a guilty look, and Gabrielle slaps a hand over her neck. My world. was. blown.

Besides being able to get all giddy over the burgoining love between the characters, I did begin to notice how often the female characters of the series were sexualized.

What else are you hiding in there??

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Book Review: Caitlin Moran’s “How to be a Woman”

So I read a review some time ago about this book over at RottenBooks.

How to be a Woman

After giving up on reading actual books from the library, I downloaded Caitlin Moran’s how to be a woman and quickly gobbled it up in a few days. I had only ever seen the one positive review of it, but my girlfriend told me that she had seen other feminist bloggers give it negative reviews. I decided to avoid all talk about it until I could read it myself, and make my own conclusions.

I loved it.

The book was very easy to get into as a “A part memoir, part rant”. Caitlin writes very informally, allowing me to feel a strong connection to her. Almost as if we’re sitting in a cafe in London, and she’s telling me all it over some drinks and laughter.

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Submarine Commander Fakes Own Death To End Affair.

Read about it here!

From the Article:

“A Navy officer has been relieved of his duties as commander of a submarine following the discovery that he faked his own death in order to end an extramarital affair.”

“Ward was dismissed when Navy investigators found out that he had sent his 23-year-old girlfriend an email from a fake co-worker claiming that Ward had died”

There really isn’t much I can say about this one, but I believe the following image is a good summary of my feelings about the matter.

Face Palm

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